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This is major rework of a website designed to present various creative writing and freelance photography items. It’s a living site that will undergo constant evolution as artistic endeavors ebb and flow. And, there’s always the learning curve associated with my learning how to use the site editing tool.

Speaking of a learning curve, I’ve just opened a Twitter account that I anticipate using in support of this site. You can access me on Twitter via LawrencePratt8 or @miroerarts.


Miroer (pronounced “mirror”) Arts is the umbrella under which I’ve been – quite sporadically – pursuing my creative writing and freelance photography for some years. Miroer is derived from the first two letters of the first names of my wife, our son, and our daughter.

As in the past, both written and image efforts will change and be reflected in this site. With my recent retirement, I look forward to expanding the level of both writing and photographic efforts.

That said, I’d like to introduce my “flagship” item, a novel titled “Dark Deception”, available in both hard copy through Amazon and in various e-formats. Please see the Creative Writing page for details on this and other written efforts, including links to currently available free short story reads.


For openers, here’s the “elevator pitch” for Dark Deception:

The text is an emotionally engaging and thought provoking work that centers around a closely-knit trio of women who come to depend on one another as they attempt to live meaningful lives in an authoritarian, faith-based community. The forces their families, friendship, and others in the community exert on the three don’t always work in harmony, and they face limited freedom addressing issues, large and small. The lives of the three and other various characters unfold in a tapestry of emotions and encounters as all attempt to deal with the demands of a community that tolerates no loyal opposition. The book’s characters – both within and outside the faith – meld and collide in a series of encounters that involve family, love, betrayal, and a quest for power and control.


My photo efforts can be viewed by going to Picture Perfect, a collection of links to a variety of artistic presentations and products. Everything is safe for viewing by all ages.

If you’re interested in viewing more images of a specific genre – floral, seascape, etc. – or submitting any questions or comments, please contact me at [email protected]. No attachments or links, please.

Lastly, I’m always appreciative of any word-of-mouth or social network advertising regarding the novel and my photography.


Lawrence – just call me Larry – Pratt

About Miroer Arts Creative Writing

The single largest undertaking has been the development and publishing of “Dark Deception” – a  novel of contemporary dramatic fiction that reached maturity at an impressive yet very readable 300 pages.


The hardcopy rendition along with information/reviews about the book is available through Amazon at:  Dark_Deception_Amazon_hard_copy

The text is also in e-format available through all major e-copy sources.

Amazon Kindle: Dark_Deception_Amazon_Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook: Dark_Deception_Barnes-Noble_Nook

Kobo:  Dark_Deception_Kobo

Copia: Dark_Deception_Copia


In addition to Dark Deception, over the years I’ve done numerous shorter pieces – travel items, local interest texts, and short stories. Travel and local interest items were published between 1990 and 2007 with my last text being a “Your Kind of Town” contribution to the Smithsonian magazine in late 2007.

Two of my print-only short stories were Preemption (Dan River Anthology, 2008) and Sixty and Sacked (Carry the Light Anthology, 2015).

For your immediate reading pleasure, here are links to some of my free-read short stories. FYI – when you read at such free sites, you are supporting creative artists world-wide and their publishers.

Blind Faith. Those familiar with the Mormon culture may find the text particularly interesting.

This item has a bit of a history, rooted in an event most people don’t remember or noticed to begin with.

The text is inspired by an incident in Rexburg, Idaho in November 2008, shortly after the 2008 American presidential election, when school children took up a chant of “Assassinate Obama”. As Rexburg is a largely LDS community and home to the Idaho campus of the LDS-owned Brigham Young University, the incident intrigued this former member of the LDS church and became the inspirational seed of the work. Using an array of fictional elements, I extrapolated both forward and backward in time from a fictional Rexburg-like incident to create my short story.


The second free read short story is titled End of Days, and uses the science fiction genre to present a solution to current issues ranging from climate change to overpopulation.


The third free-read short story is Silence the Demon. This gig marks two “firsts” –  it’s my second story published by STORGY and they replied with an acceptance to publish less than 30 days after my submission. I was pretty blown away.


Number four in the list of free-read short stories is America’s Reichstag Fire.
The work was inspired by a series of op-eds from 2017 and, as it’s the most fun I’ve ever had coloring outside the lines, finding a publisher hasn’t been easy.
Anyway, simply go to http://scars.tv/cgi-bin/framesmain.pl?writers, scroll down to and click on my name (“LAWRENCE PRATT”). The link to the story will appear at the top of the roster.
This same link will take you to yet another short story “An Atheist in Heaven“.
Enjoy and, as with all my free-reads, please share with your social media contacts.

Again, feel free to contact me at [email protected] at any time, but no attachments or links, please. I’ll also be checking out the blog side of the website on a somewhat regular basis.



Lawrence – just call me Larry – Pratt